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If you are feeling lost or numb...then I hate to say it...but you're doing a good job! have come to the right place. :)

Sometime ago I was exactly where you are now. You might say I have no idea of where you are now, and you would be right, but the actual truth is that I having been through the emotional tsunami of my life, alone, during "lockdown" period, I have my own story that I feel can help a lot of people. Numb people. I was numb, and lost, and in so much pain that I couldn't even feel life anymore. I had numbed myself to life and buried it so so deep inside of myself. It didn't feel like felt like I was never going to get my feelings back...


"I used to be able feel..." is what I told myself, but in my life I just couldn't feel anymore. I wanted to, but I later realised, when my feelings came back, that I had shut them away/ All becuase life had become too painful.


I'd have moments where I might want to somehow feel happiness and to feel normal again, but they were only glimpses, and everytime I thought about it, it just reminded how far away from the person that I knew was inside me really was, and that just pushed me further and further away. Deeper into feeling lost, and more numb to life.

If you're going through or are stuck in any kind of numb, lost, scared, or painful period. Have faith (love) and trust in yourself that you have the ability somewhere inside you to thrive and be a powerful energetic happy person...but like you now already's just a little lost.

Drop me a message or find me on instagram and share where you are at the moment. Even if you can't afford to work with me, I can guide you to resources that mean you can at least help yourself. I know how hard it can be to go it alone! :) x

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